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CVS cleanup at Penn-North

Penn-North the day after CVS was set on fire

A McElderry Park 0511.wav
Sheila Kast addresses that East Baltimore have communities working to address unemployment, police brutality, residential segregation, and violence. This segment is focused on the neighborhood McElderry Park, where Kast talks to McElderry Community…

A CommunityRiots 0429 FINAL.wav
Sheila Kast from WYPR talks to citizens in the Baltimore community after the riots near Mondawmin Mall. She spoke with citizens who were cleaning up the streets after the riots, and others who were protesting near Penn North. The discussions involved…

Out of the Blocks Penn North, full version.m4a
The 'Out of the Blocks' team of WYPR radio producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick put together this audio-portrait of the neighborhood that’s become the epicenter of civil unrest in Baltimore. These are the voices of Baltimore…

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