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Baltimore riot 2.jpg
Imam Hassan A. Amin cleaning up the street. The next morning after the rioting, looting and burning of Baltimore City my friends and I decided to clean up the streets at ground zero, North and Pennsylvania Avenues.

Box of broken glass outside Annapurna Grocery Store.


CVS cleanup at Penn-North

A CommunityRiots 0429 FINAL.wav
Sheila Kast from WYPR talks to citizens in the Baltimore community after the riots near Mondawmin Mall. She spoke with citizens who were cleaning up the streets after the riots, and others who were protesting near Penn North. The discussions involved…

riots 2015 340.JPG
Protestors heading west on North Avenue. Two protestors are carrying large brooms. One protestor is holding the sign, "No room for hate in my city!"

riots 2015 264.JPG
Adult and two young boys cleaning up

riots 2015 161.JPG
Damage after fire

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riots 2015 160.JPG
Damage after fire

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riots 2015 142.JPG
Damage after fire

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riots 2015 141.JPG
Damage after fire

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