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Rev. Cortly D. and Sherelle Witherspoon Interviewed by Sha'Von Terrell

Tawanda Jones interviewed by Sha'Von Terrell.

Markele Cullins Interviewed by Michael Stone. The Oral History transcript is incomplete.

Michael Stone interviews Terrence Pope about his experience during the Baltimore Uprising.

Poems Protest and Power by Niajea Randolph-HD.mp4
Wide Angle Youth Media video offering the thoughts of young high school student Niajea Randolph on protests for Freddie Gray, and police brutality.

A McElderry Park 0511.wav
Sheila Kast addresses that East Baltimore have communities working to address unemployment, police brutality, residential segregation, and violence. This segment is focused on the neighborhood McElderry Park, where Kast talks to McElderry Community…

March from Penn Station to City Hall and Back to Penn Station
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