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Out of the Blocks Penn North, full version.m4a
The 'Out of the Blocks' team of WYPR radio producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick put together this audio-portrait of the neighborhood that’s become the epicenter of civil unrest in Baltimore. These are the voices of Baltimore…

riots 2015 001.JPG
Broken Windows

riots 2015 002.JPG
Broken Window

riots 2015 003.JPG
Boarded up pharmacy

riots 2015 004.JPG
Man walking down sidewalk

riots 2015 006.JPG
Woman stands on steps

riots 2015 007.JPG
Man crossing street

riots 2015 008.JPG
Protesters gather on the side of the street

riots 2015 009.JPG
Protesters outside of Vaughn Greens Funeral during Home Freddie Gray's Viewing

riots 2015 010.JPG
Man holds sign
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