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Sign making by UMBC student activists

Signs made by myself for the march on May 1st.

Motorcycle BDPD brigade over I83 on Orleans Avenue during the May Day 2015 rally and march

Student March,
March organized by Baltimore-area students that started from Penn Station around 5.45 PM on April 28, 2015. Video taken from southwest corner of East Preston and Calvert Streets.

UMBC Stands With Baltimore sign

Filmed during Baltimore protests, probably in west Baltimore.

A line of police officers, prepared for the peaceful protest and march on Friday, May 1, at the Inner Harbor

Teach-In at UMBC on May 1, 2015


Trinacria Cafe (111 W. Centre St) was damaged on Monday April 27. This is a photo of the plywood covering the broken windows, someone had taped a marker on a string to the wood so that people could write messages. Trinacria Cafe is a new restaurant…

As the stream of protesters approached the bridge, the chants really were no longer uniform, especially because the crowd was so large and spread out. But as the protesters started to enter under the bridge, the reverberations and echoes that…
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