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Imam Hassan A. Amin is interviewed by Micah Connor.

Rev. Phillip R. Turner is interviewed by Micah Connor.

The Greatest City in America by Kendall Sanders-HD.mp4
Wide Angle Youth Media video offering the thought of young high school student Kendall Sanders on the riots at Mondawmin Mall and Baltimore City at large.

Stand for Our Youth by Marrisa Howard-HD.mp4
Wide Angle Youth Media video offering the thoughts of young high school student Marissa Howard during the Baltimore Uprising.

2015-04-29 08.30.17.jpg
Law Enforcement stand guard at Mondawmin Mall

2015-04-28 10.07.50.jpg
Protestors come together and hold hands in the Target parking lot.

Koch--monique interview.mp3
University of Baltimore student Monique Koch interviews National Guard officer Stephen Kiiru, and Eric Mejias, who lives in a neighborhood affected by the riots that occurred after Freddie Gray's death.

Baltimore Riots.jpg
This picture was taken at Mondawin Mall. I was able to locate the division were these soliders were station and the autograped the photo. The little girl in the photo is my granddaughter Kimora Pace she was six.

Oral History Interview with Prof. Drabinski April 11, 2016.MP3
University of Maryland College Park graduate student Erin Durham interviews UMBC Professor Kate Drabinski the Freddie Gray Protest
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