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Young boys on bikes with protesters

Young girl on bike with protesters

Young boys on bicycles with demonstrators marching and holding signs in the background.

Oral History Interview with Prof. Drabinski April 11, 2016.MP3
University of Maryland College Park graduate student Erin Durham interviews UMBC Professor Kate Drabinski the Freddie Gray Protest

riots 2015 436.JPG
Protest Demonstration in front of War Memorial Plaza Baltimore MD at City Hall

riots 2015 362.JPG
Protestors are gathered at the corner of North Avenue and Pennsylvania avenue. Many law enforcement vehicles are present, including the county police. The media is also present covering the protest.

riots 2015 361.JPG
Protestors stand at corner of North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue. News vans and law enforcement are also present.

riots 2015 330.JPG
Protestors march east on North Avenue. Some protestors are walking with their hands in the air. Other protestors are walking while holding signs that say, "Freddie Didn't Die in Vain! Civil Rights Today!," "No room for hate in my city," and…

Sheriff's hardware North & Penn Avenues, Baltimore Freddie Gray protests

Downtown traffic comes to a halt as a diverse group of marchers protest down St. Paul/ Light Street.
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