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A protestor demonstrates against the tactics police use to arrest and detain people. A small group of protestors hold signs behind the person, who is laying on the ground.

Baltimore City Police form a barricade to resist protestors and demonstrators. One protestor is on the ground.

A police vehicle with broken windows. Protestors can be seen through the passenger and driver's window frames.

A police officer uses his communicator while other police officers arrest a protestor in the background.

A man holds a traffic cone in a crowd of protestors.

Protestors demonstrate near a police vehicle at Camden Yards

Protestors and police officers divided across steel barricades at Camden Yards.

Protesters with sign that reads White Silence = White Consent

Protestors march while holding "Black Lives Matter" and "Justice for Freddie" signs.

The Greatest City in America by Kendall Sanders-HD.mp4
Wide Angle Youth Media video offering the thought of young high school student Kendall Sanders on the riots at Mondawmin Mall and Baltimore City at large.
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