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2015-04-25 16.40.52.jpg
Large crowd of demonstrators marching on E Baltimore St & N Gay St while Armed Law Enforcement stand on guard at the Baltimore City Police Station

2015-04-25 16.22.10.jpg
Large crowd of demonstrators marching on W Pratt St & Hopkins Place

2015-04-25 16.05.38.jpg
Large crowd of demonstrators marching towards Orioles Park at Camden Yard

2015-04-24 18.59.14.jpg
Activist PFK Boom with protestors who are hold up signs on W Lexington St & N Eutaw St

Rally In Baltimore These images were taken 5/1/2015 during the Massive National Rally against police brutality.

Baltimore Freddie Gray protests

MLK Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore Freddie Gray protests

Madison and Constitution Streets, Baltimore Freddie Gray protests
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