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Alexis Huey and Aniya Humbles interview. Wide Angle Youth Media has been taking portraits and conducting short interviews with Baltimore City youth during the Freddie Gray protests.

Baltimore April 2015 - Freddie Gray Protest.avi
The film shows the protests and police presence in the area of W. North Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue on April 28th the day after the riot and on May 1st the day that the six officers were charged in the death of Gray

Baltimore Riots.jpg
This picture was taken at Mondawin Mall. I was able to locate the division were these soliders were station and the autograped the photo. The little girl in the photo is my granddaughter Kimora Pace she was six.

5:1:15_City Hall Protests_2.JPG
Riot control in front of City Hall

5:1:15_City Hall Protests_3.JPG
National Guardsman snapping a picture

5:1:15_Curfew Protest through Baltimore_3.JPG
Military in Baltimore

5:1:15_Curfew Protest through Baltimore_4.JPG
National Guard in Baltimore

Father Kevin A. Mueller interviewed by Daniel Scotten, UMBC grad student.

National Guard stands in front of Fulton Baptist Church
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