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Andrew Copeland interviewed by Michael Stone.

5:1:15_Apartment complex across from Freddie Gray arrest_2.JPG
Freddie Gray painted on the wall

Walker_Boatwright_voice_004 1.m4a
University of Baltimore student Gwenaviere Reaves-Walker interviews Mr. Clyde E. Boatwright, the Fraternal Order of Police President for Lodge #5 for Baltimore School police. Walker interviews Boatwright regarding the riots and reasons behind them.

Coleman, Baltimore Riots.pdf
University of Baltimore student Aaron Coleman wrote a paper for his history class regarding the death of Freddie Gray from the perspective of his father Leo Coleman, who grew up in Baltimore during the 1968 Baltimore riots.

After the State Prosecutor announced that 6 officers would be criminally charged, the streets were filled with people celebrating the decision.

Oral History with Grace Ghinger, March 14, 2016.m4a
University of Maryland College Park Graduate student Erin Durham interviews photographer Grace Ghinger about her experience during the Freddie Gray Protest.

Imam Hassan A. Amin is interviewed by Micah Connor.

Sign written on the street in chalk

Mural painted on the corner of a building

Two protesters on a scooter displaying sign
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