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2015-04-24 19.24.32.jpg
Protesters marching at Oriole Camden Yards

2015-04-24 19.36.58.jpg
Protest Demonstration at the Baltimore Inner Harbor

Rally In Baltimore These images were taken 5/1/2015 during the Massive National Rally against police brutality.

Young boys on bicycles with demonstrators marching and holding signs in the background.

A man on a skateboard holding a sign protesting the curfew during the Baltimore Uprising.

A man with a turban on a scooter with other demonstrators holding protest signs behind him.

A group of protestors atop a building with a Baltimore Uprising flag.

A man in shades with Baltimore City Police in front of him.

A protester carries a paper ball spray painted with a heart

Alexis Huey.jpg
Alexis Huey and Aniya Humbles interview. Wide Angle Youth Media has been taking portraits and conducting short interviews with Baltimore City youth during the Freddie Gray protests.
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