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A quick read containing suggestions worth considering before, during, and after conducting an oral history interview.

Ten tips for interviewers conducting oral history. This comes with an added bonus of sound recording tips from NPR.

Use this form to document a participant's consent to participate in your interview. Please have your subject (the interviewee) print and sign their name and fill in the date on page 2. This form should be uploaded (as a PDF) along with audio and…

Sheila Kast talked to Digital Harbor High School senior Darius Craig, the president of the student government and National Honor's Society. Kast and Craig discussed Marilyn Mosby's use of the word thug, his organized march to City Hall, Freddie Gray,…

C YouthRiots429.wav
Sheila Kast attends a youth-led listening session called Listen Up, Baltimore, held by the non-profit The Intersection the day after the Baltimore riots. Kast talks to three students about why the riots happened and what the community needs in order…

A CommunityRiots 0429 FINAL.wav
Sheila Kast from WYPR talks to citizens in the Baltimore community after the riots near Mondawmin Mall. She spoke with citizens who were cleaning up the streets after the riots, and others who were protesting near Penn North. The discussions involved…

Walker, The Baltimore Riots.pdf
University of Baltimore student Gwenaviere Reaves-Walker wrote a paper for her history professor Joshua Davis regarding her oral history interviews with Clyde E. Boatwright, Fraternal Order of Police President for Lodge #5 for Baltimore School…

Coleman, Baltimore Riots.pdf
University of Baltimore student Aaron Coleman wrote a paper for his history class regarding the death of Freddie Gray from the perspective of his father Leo Coleman, who grew up in Baltimore during the 1968 Baltimore riots.

Walker_Young_voice-005 1.m4a
University of Baltimore student Gwenaviere Reaves-Walker interviews Baltimore City Council President Bernard "Jack Young regarding his background in Baltimore and his hope in creating stronger relationships between the Baltimore community and police.

Walker_Johnson_voice_005 1.m4a
University of Baltimore student Gwenaviere Reaves-Walker interviews writer and publisher Ralph E Johnson Jr, who was a participant in peaceful protests for improving community relations in Baltimore.
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