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Musician playing trumpet

Sign making by UMBC student activists

Trinacria Cafe (111 W. Centre St) was damaged on Monday April 27. This is a photo of the plywood covering the broken windows, someone had taped a marker on a string to the wood so that people could write messages. Trinacria Cafe is a new restaurant…

The local community (part of the SOWEBO Partnership, including Hollins Roundhouse and the Union Square Association) organized various activities for children who were not in school on April 28 (since the schools had closed).

Written in colorful chalk on front door steps, "PEACE BE WITH US ALL"

Giant pencil with various messages taped to it, Inner Harbor. "Where is your brother?" "Where is Freddie G.?" "We heart Bmore!" "Jesus loves racists but not racism!" "Where is Trayvon M.?" "Racism and Terrorism is the act of evil! The sign of…

Sign written on the street in chalk

Mural painted on the corner of a building

Man runs past mural

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Pictures of murdered woman on door steps

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