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Following the Death of George Floyd and violence in other cities, the 7/11 and many other shops in Mt. Vernon boarded up their windows expecting violent protest to break out. None did.

Marchers gathering at BSA for the George Floyd March. March was led by students from BSA.

Spraypainted "slaveowner RIP George" on the John Eager Howard Statue in Mt. Vernon.

Protest heading North on Charles. Planned by students from Baltimore Shcool for the Arts. Protest took place during 2020 George Floyd protest.

Baltimore - Freddie Gray Protest - W. North and Pennsylvania Avenues -  May 1, 2015    (24).JPG

Pennsylvania State Police at W. North and Pennsylvania Avenues. 5-1-15

A woman holds up her fist. On her jacket are several buttons displaying her black pride.

A woman protestor talks to police officers near Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

A protestor demonstrates against the tactics police use to arrest and detain people. A small group of protestors hold signs behind the person, who is laying on the ground.

A police officer with his riot helmet on.
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