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Baltimore - Freddie Gray Protest - W. North and Pennsylvania Avenues -  May 1, 2015    (24).JPG

Pennsylvania State Police at W. North and Pennsylvania Avenues. 5-1-15

A woman holds up her fist. On her jacket are several buttons displaying her black pride.

A woman protestor talks to police officers near Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

A protestor demonstrates against the tactics police use to arrest and detain people. A small group of protestors hold signs behind the person, who is laying on the ground.

A police officer with his riot helmet on.

Baltimore City Police form a line on horseback to block protestors and demonstrators while officers on foot form a human barricade.

Two police officers arrest a young male protestor.

Baltimore City Police form a barricade to resist protestors and demonstrators. One protestor is on the ground.

A police vehicle with broken windows. Protestors can be seen through the passenger and driver's window frames.
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