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Professor James Dator is interviewed by PBU intern Micah Connor.

Imam Hassan A. Amin is interviewed by PBU intern Micah Connor.

Rev. Phillip R. Turner is interviewed by PBU intern Micah Connor.

Andrew Copeland interviewed by Michael Stone.

Markele Cullins Interviewed by Michael Stone. The Oral History transcript is incomplete.

Vanessa Barksdale interviewed by UMBC graduate student, Michael Stone.

Michael Stone interviews Terrence Pope about his experience during the Baltimore Uprising.

Koch--monique interview.mp3
University of Baltimore student Monique Koch interviews National Guard officer Stephen Kiiru, and Eric Mejias, who lives in a neighborhood affected by the riots that occurred after Freddie Gray's death.

University of Maryland College Park Graduate student Erin Durham interviews Deverick Murray aka DevRock, Minister of Culture for LBS (Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle)

Oral History Interview with Prof. Drabinski April 11, 2016.MP3
University of Maryland College Park graduate student Erin Durham interviews UMBC Professor Kate Drabinski the Freddie Gray Protest
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